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Making pizza at Woodstock's is a process. We do everything, from making the sauce and pizza crust fresh every morning well before we open, to preparing the fresh meats, cheese, and vegetable toppings that go on it. Here is a virtual tour that will take you through how we make the pizzas that everyone in the Willamette Valley area love so much.

Every morning, all the ingredients are brought together, and we make yet another batch of our crust. We make our crusts fresh everyday, never frozen or pre-packaged.
Then after the dough is mixed, it's rolled, kneaded, and seperated so it is ready to be made into the crust which makes our pizzas unique.
Only a few hours later, we open. The next step is to have one of our coordinated employees toss the crust to get it to a uniform thickness and shape.
Just anyone cannot do this. One wrong throw and you have a decapitation. It's not a pretty sight when that happens, and then the person has to be demoted to be the customer footstool. This is why only the most talented of our employees throw the crust.
After the crust is thrown, sauce is generously ladled on to the soon to be pizza.
Next, on this pizza, cheese is heaped on. We use only 100% real cheese. Over a pound of cheese went onto this pizza. No farm animals were abused in the making of this pizza or our website.
Then, from our glorious Bin o' Toppings, we get the meats, cheese, and vegetables that the customer ordered.

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