Making pizza at Woodstock's is a process. We do everything, from making the sauce and pizza crust fresh every morning well before we open, to preparing the fresh meats, cheese, and vegetable toppings that go on it. Here is a virtual tour that will take you through how we make the pizzas that everyone in the Willamette Valley area love so much.

Then toppings are liberally applied to the pizza, giving a taste of each in every bite.
Then the pizza goes into our oven to bake. Note the grace used, pizza being put in, flesh not touching the oven, screams not echoing through the room.
We watch the pizzas carefully, no pizza is allowed to over cook or burn
When the pizza is done, it is removed from our oven, and brought out to be cut and boxed.
The pizza is then cut with such precision that you can either figure the radius of the pizza, or remove a perfect slice and calculate pi.
Finally, the pizza is boxed, and is ready to be served or delivered.

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